What will the movie be about?
Our goal is to introduce cosplay to people who have never heard of it or have a distorted view of who so-called cosplayers are due to the media. In the film, we want to show the long, financially and psychologically demanding journey of making a costume, from the initial idea to its realization. The film is intended to serve as a glimpse behind the curtain of the cosplay scene and at the same time as an answer to questions such as “What is cosplay?”, “Why do you enjoy this?” or “What’s in it for you?”, “What’s the use of it?” and next.

Why “Cosplay”?
“I like to say that any art, whether it is a film, a book, a play or a painting, should evoke emotions. When I get to see the work of cosplayers I’ve admired for years, I’m always in awe and at the same time happy to see that they’re doing what they enjoy and find fulfilling. I would like to convey these and other emotions to other people. Whether they are interested in cosplay themselves or have not heard of it yet.”
Frederick Hrabálek, film director

Why these protagonists?
Cosplay is practiced by millions of people all over the world, and their abilities and skills vary. The film is the vision of a director who wanted to capture as many different techniques and their use as possible to provide a comprehensive picture of what skills a cosplayer must master. For the film, he chose cosplayers, each of whom specializes in something different, in order to present the widest possible palette of their creativity. Even though there are a lot of such wonderful and talented people, the footage of the film does not allow to give space to absolutely everyone.

Will the film be just one big Product Placement?
Definitely not. No one really needs to be afraid of that. Product placement appears in the film, but the film is definitely not based on it, and no one has to worry that it is more teleshopping than a film. The goal is still to show the production process and show people what cosplay is all about.

Can I appear in the film?
Yes. Although no longer as one of the main protagonists, it is possible that we met somewhere at a con and filmed some footage with you. We do not guarantee that they will be in the film one hundred percent, but they can appear there. So all you have to do is wait until the film is finished and ready for release and see for yourself.

Why crowdfunding?
Filmmaking is a demanding and expensive business. And for the most part, we paid for the shooting of this film from our own resources, and partly we were helped by sponsors. Through crowdfunding, we want to increase the budget of the project with the help of people, so that we can ensure post-production and problem-free distribution, and this great project did not end up, as people say, in a drawer.

When can we look forward to the movie?
The premiere will take place in 2023. At the moment, however, we cannot say when or where. We will inform you more when the time comes.